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 Sterilization: E.O





 Pdo mono wire A-29G-38MM,19G-40mm,





 Useful tensor files:


 -For the face


 -for the Nose


 -for Le Chin


 -for the Stomach


 -for breasts


 -legs and arms





 Humidity less than 60%



 Duration of effects in the body is between 18 months to 24 months



 Warranty: Single use, cannot be reused


 4 DRL tensor files



 We can rewind time on your face with






 MINERVA cannula



 The MINERVA cannula is special



 This is because the company has its own production lines.  Blunt Cannula was made after long hours of grinding work by choosing a special processing method.  The needle hole surface is smooth as it was produced



 by electrochemical machining.



 The surface of the needle uses Micro PiPE raw material and has been re-treated so that it

 does not cause any pain or side effects when penetrating the skin.  The handle has different colors depending on the length and thickness of the needle for better distinction.  The MINERVA cannula is a modern needle that minimizes pain and swelling.  and a blue

 PDO is commonly known as a product that produces collagen by stimulating the skin.

 Our AOP not only produces collagen but Super Volume Up can also support lifting.

 and foxing effect of the super screw cog.  Lifting of the deep fatty layer combined with

 tightening the superficial fat layer maximizes the surgical effect.
 The whitening and anti-aging effects are also very obvious.  The PDO surrounded by a 360-degree cog not only has a lifting effect inside the skin, but also blocks ultraviolet rays and supplies carbon dioxide.  Choose PDO if you want to maintain your skin in your twenties with a definitive facial contour thanks to its volume up, lifting, anti-aging and whitening effects

 Blunt cannula!!!  Say goodbye to unpleasant side effects!
 Using Blunt Cannula minimizes pain, swelling, bruising and nerve abnormalities.

 What is the key point for buying this AOP?


 360 screw pinion
 Super volume to support lifting

 Lifting and stable fixation effect

 Longer duration of effect.

 Minimize surgical accidents


 MINERVA Premium and PDO cannula


 The PDO wire has undergone clinical testing with a specially manufactured Premium blunt cannula.  The surface of the needle hole is smooth because it was produced by electrochemical machining.  The needle surface uses Micro PtPE raw material so that it does not cause any pain or side effects when entering.


 the skin
 The hubs used are ergonomically designed

 Following international standards, the handle has different colors depending on the length and thickness of the needle.

 for better distinction.  Each hub has a mark so that users can know the correct needle direction.
Wholesale price available.

 Promo price: €228

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