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-Six-piece set from the Purified Rice series, a multifunctional facial treatment for effective anti-aging care and revitalized, youthful skin.
 -- Soothing, toning, hydrating, moisturizing and balancing the skin's pH level.
 -- Rich in rice and other skin care ingredients, light and gentle, hydrates and protects the skin for a hydrated and glowing complexion.
 -Natural botanical elements are refreshing and non-sticky, leaving the skin in a comfortable state.
 -Specially designed for oily skin, combination skin, enlarged pores and blemish-prone skin to balance, improve and protect the skin.


 -Rice tonic: 120ml
 -Rice lotion: 120ml
 -Facial cream: 50g
 -Facial serums: 15ml
 -Eye cream: 20g -Facial cleanser: 100g
 -6-piece skin care set: 425g

 Note: This set contains all six products

 above, and each product is made from natural raw rice pulp to provide deep hydration and nourishment, leaving your skin soft, smooth and supple.

 1. Clean your face with a cleanser
 2. Wipe your face with toner using a cotton pad, then apply serum to your face, then lotion, then eye cream.
 3. Finally, apply the cream on the face


 1 pack of six pieces (425g)


Wholesale price available from 6 sets

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