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Solution products for lifting and firming facial skin  With the formula and proportion section of the Ministry of Public Health  Approved for use for safe and effective skin lifting properties.  which includes  Mannuronate methylsilanol (kelp algae) and caffeine work to eliminate cellulite.  and subcutaneous fat  helps to tighten the skin and various body proportions.  This formula stands out from other Caffeine-based formulas by its effectiveness in stimulating Collagen fibers and Elastic Fibers by more than 50%, which is a strong point that will not cause skin sagging when the fatty layer under the skin  will disappear from Lipolysis.  LIPO CAFF SKIN formula Solution has also developed a formula with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 which does not cause pain during use.  Provides a feeling of comfort and security to the user.

 Available in Ivory Coast and wholesale prices from 6pcs

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