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the carton contains 10 bottles

 It is a special type of substance that increases the absorption and dissolution of fillers such as hyaluronic, liquid silicone and other recommended substances.  For the management of attached and tissue-associated subcutaneous fluids.

 It is a special type of substance that helps break down fillers or reduce water and fat retention that contain various substances such as hyaluronic, liquid silicone and other substances according to the instructions.  effective diffusion Acts directly by reducing water retention.  and certain fillers and reducing the polymerization of adipocytes.  It also affects the restructuring of connective tissue and helps restore skin balance to return to the original or as close as possible.

 Pack size: 1 vial X 1ML

 How to use :
 Liporase 1 Vial + NSS 1 CC Shake, mix, extract 0.1 CC and mix again NSS 0.9 CC = 1 CC dissolving at the desired point at each point according to the amount of filler.  who want to break It is estimated to inject each point with 0.1-0.3cc (if mixed with NSS, refrigerate for 14 days)

 Use reserved for health professionals please.

 Possible to take wholesale from 6 boxes.

 Side effect:

 bruises or spots of redness on the treated areas, which quickly fades over the days.

 Not recommended: at least 18 years old, pregnant women, breastfeeding women


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