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  • The NIPRO syringe is popular.  and correct according to medical principles as well as various standards
  • 1 box contains 100 pieces, sterilized and packed in a protective sleeve
  • Safe contact with germs
  • The syringe is made of stainless steel and is of the single-use (disposable) type.

The syringe consists of 3 parts :

  1. needle (hub), which fits The tip of the syringe
  2. The needle (shank) is connected to the head of the needle 
  3. The tip of the needle (beveled or bevelled)

When injecting the needle, the important parts of the syringe that must remain sterile are the needle tip notch and the needle body.

Number size and needle length selection option available by number 18x1 1 pack is 100 pcs

Dosages vary and must be determined according to the route of administration.

There are many needle diameters ranging from 14 to 32, large or very large, the diameter is small.

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