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Green Dago Detox Green Dago It is a dietary supplement that helps detoxify and stimulate excretion.  Consists of up to 9 kinds of natural Thai herbal extracts including Tian Klak Hoi Powder, Samo Pigek Powder, Samo Tai Powder, Makhampom Powder, Chrysanthemum Powder, Garcinia Powder cambogia, green apple powder, safflower powder, triphala powder suitable for those who want to detoxify the body.  Reduce chemical buildup People with chronic constipation Irregular excretion or inability to excrete on their own Those who want to lose weight, reduce proportions, reduce belly, reduce body fat.  without relying on chemistry It's a real weed. No dizziness, palpitations, no pain, diarrhea, no side effect.

It also adds a subsystem. The food absorption system works better.  Reduce sweat odor, body odor, reduce acne, dull skin, reduce risk of cancer, hemorrhoids and other intestinal diseases.

  1. Intestine waste detoxification.
  2. Detoxify body toxins
  3. Detoxify accumulated fats

New Original Concentrated Fat Detox Formula
Increased packaging capacity up to 70 tablets
Dago Green Brand Owner

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Efficacy : Lose weight, reduce fat, flat stomach, waist, legs, arms and tighten hair, help organize excretion system, Detox, detoxify body.

Registration number : 11-1-11054-5-0402

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