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AURA White Aura White Charcoal Soap Exfoliating Soap 100g Wholesale & retail pricing available.

White Aura Soap Charcoal Exfoliating Soap Helps detoxify skin.  Makes skin smooth, clear, aura, firming, helping to reduce freckles, dark spots, dull marks, reducing stretch marks, reducing various problems of postpartum mothers, lots of bubbles, good smell.

Charcoal soap has many properties. who is the protagonist The secret of nature, the quality of the new coal that is mixed with the ingredients of the soap. Scrub granules are contained in the body but are very detailed, almost not felt, help detoxify the skin better, do not destroy the skin, quickly penetrate the skin. By rubbing the soap, you will feel the roughness of the fine grains of the scrub.  The skin will be clearly clear. The quality of this new charcoal the bubble will be gray When we cleanse the skin, we will feel good access to natural ingredients.

Benefits of bamboo charcoal soap

  • Deeply cleansed facial skin
  • Reduces fat and balances the skin of the face.
  • Gently remove old cells
  •  Absorb residue on the face.  thus reducing the incidence of acne
  • Helps the skin get more oxygen.  thus making the skin smooth, soft, clean and luminous
  • Free of foaming powder, skin-harming chemicals and bleach.
  • Children and pregnant women available
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