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Lucchini Premier Duo Cell Therapy 1 Pack Product Specification: (30*2ml Fresh/Live Europium Embryo Cell Fluid 30*2ml Glandular Super Placental Hormone) Cycle of use: a course of 60 days, cell fluid  fresh embryonic strains, super glandular placenta as a group, and use at the same time.  Each group, 2-3 days once, with infusion once 2-3 groups.  Use: intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous injection (two limbs at a time)1.  After disinfection, fresh golden stem cells were injected first.  After one minute of massage, the cool golden stem cells were fully absorbed and injected into the vital super placenta at the original injection site.2.  Two kinds of mixtures are injected together and massaged for 2 minutes.Recommended for:For people who:Wish to delay aging and demand to maintain body rejuvenationWith dull, yellow, colorless skin, wrinkles, loose skin problems  , dry and rough.  Chronic skin care and nutritional products for people who have not improved their skin problems. Often eat unhealthy snacks and diets, high stress, irregular diet and other unhealthy people. Those who have  an accumulation of body fat, hope the body is healthy and slim.  Those with poor liver function and weak immunity.  Health Function: Activate aging cells and promote cell regeneration, resulting in full and compact facial skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, spots and pigmentation.  Makes the skin white and reddish, elastic and shiny, and restores the youthful state of the skin.  Effectively delays aging and fights against time.  Improves sleep and fights fatigue.  Regulates the endocrine system, treats menopausal disorders and endocrine disorders.  Supports liver function, detoxification and improves basal metabolic capacity.  The posture is even and slim, the mind is bright, the vigor is bright, effectively fight stretch marks, the body's immunity is effectively enhanced, the end.

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