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The ROYAL ultra booster is a whitening injection.

How to use : Get a rub 1 ROyal ultra whitening booster, skin injection only in IM session, you can see the change gradually as there are extra super whitening healthy ingredients of vitamin c that shine and high level of skin whitening glutathione  Skin Changes will be seen gradually depending on your body type

  • the skin will feel tight, especially the cheek - the skin feels moist, not dry
  • the skin will be brighter than before the injection, especially the under eye area which has puffiness will fill in as you use the royal ultra booster.

You will see significant change

body will feel lighter - for those with knee problems surely recover after royal ultra booster iv injection - skin gets brighter day by day - make sure to keep injection if you want  extra excessive radiant beauty - armpits, gaps will be bright all over the body and more This injection is genuine and works wonders for extra skin whitening.  You can inject the royal ultra booster IM twice a month.

The duration of treatment between 12 and 24 months depending on your body.

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