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LUCCHINI of Switzerland Glutathione Peptide Cell Therapy. The first Glutathione + Peptide cell therapy that contains 8 combination Stem Cells where taken together helps to repair and rejuvenate our skin cells,retain skin’s moisture,brighten skin tone,improve skin firmness and reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine line. Resolve majoring skin problems with just one product.

Best of all, it's completely Natural and Safe, and enhancing the body's ability to heal itself naturally, free from any side effects. At last, you can become younger, full of energy and vitality in less than three weeks with LUCCHINI the high-tech form of the originally secret Cell Therapy of Switzerland.

It offers what vitamins, minerals, hormones, chemicals and other conventional treatments cannot. It can provide the exact components at the cellular level necessary for aged, injured or diseased tissues and organs to heal and regenerate, thus providing incredible anti-aging, health & beauty benefits at the same time!


  • 5ml x 10 ampoules
  • Pico-cell Enhanced Hexa Cell - 100,000mg
  • Pico-cell Plant Stemcell Factor ll - 125,000mg
  • Embryonic Stemcell (ESC) - 2,000mg
  • Placenta - 10,000mg
  • Cerebrum Cell - 2,500mg
  • Umbilical Cord - 1,500mg
  • Mesenchymal Cell - 3,500mg
  • Thymus Cell - 5,000mg
  • 10ml x 10 ampoules
  • Pico-Cell Multivitamins - 60,000mg
  • Pico-Cell Natural Collagen - 35,000mg
  • Pico-Cell Hydra Plus - 9,000mg
  • Pico-Cell Alpha Lipoic Acid - 9,500mg
  • Pico-Cell Ascorbic Acid - 55,000mg
  • Pico-Cell PN/PDRN - 23,000mg
  • Pico-Cell Selenium - 12,000mg
  • Powder x 10 vials
  • Pico-Cell Glutathione - 35,000,000mg
  • Pico-Cell Melanin lnhibit Factor lll (MIF3) - 50,000mg
  • Pico-Cell Epidermal Growth Factor - 42,000mg
  • Pico-Cell Nanopeptide-3 - 9,000mg
  • Pico-Cell White Elements ll - 63,000mg
  • Pico-Cell Nanopeptide - 15,000mg
  • Pico-Cell mRNA - 1,250mcg

PACKING : 10 Sets/Box (10 Vials + 20 Ampoules)

HOW TO USE : Combine a set of 1 set plus 1 in 1 SpuitThe best result is injection for 1 x in a week Follow up maintenance 2 weeks or once month Perform regular injection to speed u bleaching to get results bright for good rest

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