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Juvederm Voluma 2cc is a new filler from Allergan, America, which is the world's number 1 filler. Voluma helps increase volume, making the face look younger.  remove wrinkles Fill in the face to get the right proportions.  Fix Bugs Efficiently Voluma is produced using a proprietary technology called Vycross.  specific to the company

Allergan provides different benefits than other fillers on the market:

  1. Live up to 2 years, which saves the patient from being injured often.  More comfortable
  2. The gel texture also has properties that can help in face lifting, giving the face a dimensional look.  and better firm the skin of the face
  3. After injecting Voluma, you can go to work normally because the gel contains the right amount of HA.
  4. The texture of the gel is natural and smooth, which makes it look great when injected into the face.  Able to replenish volume steadily smooth and natural.

Fillable areas: cheeks, temples, under the eyes, eyebrows, deep furrows of the cheeks, chin, nose, lips.

The doctor's service is including the product.

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