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Filler filling face and lips

What is e.p.t.q.  (epic)?

This is the new filler brand.  which has just passed Thai FDA application and started marketing in Thailand is filler ??.??.??.??.  (epitique: E.P.T.Q) filler for face contour The type of hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) is a Korean filler brand.  There are 3 models in total: S100, S300 and S500, all of which have built-in anesthetic.  Helps to feel more comfortable when injecting.

What does filler e.p.t.q mean?

Efficacy Use of hyaluronic acid as a precursor having received US FDA and EDQM international standards with a concentration of 24 mg/ml in an HIVE structure.

Potential Use of the ZEEP process to control safety standards and minimize potential side effects.

Technology The use of 2CM technology and Downing process production technology to improve product performance.

Quality Quality control of production according to The 9 Essential Criteria

Highlights of filler e.p.t.q.  (epic)

It is a single phase load.

HA 24 mg/ml with 0.3% lidocaine All anesthetic versions are available.

Raw material from USA passed US FDA and EDQM.

Volume in 1 syringe = 1.1ml, more than worth it

Jetama's 2CM technology is a Cross-link technology which always results in a lower MoD than other brands of stomach fillers, making it very safe.

Downing Process makes filler fine texture, easy to inject

Already received Thai FDA for all 3 sets.  Currently available worldwide in over 47 countries worldwide.

What are the filler models (epitique filler: E.P.T.Q)?

There are 3 filler models (epitique filler: E.P.T.Q) which are S100, S300, S500. Each model has different textures of filler hard, soft, light to adapt to the injection. Each position on the face is optimal.

The s100 epitic charge is the finest and the S500 is the dense molecular charge of the other two.


Which filling area e.p.t.q.  (epitic) suitable for injection?  How long can you live?

Filler e.p.t.q.  s100 model suitable for injections under the eyes, mouth, temples.

(The filling will last about 6 months)

Filler e.p.t.q.  s300 model suitable for injections in the forehead, nasolabial folds, lip wrinkles, salivary glands (Filler texture can last about 9 months).

Filler e.p.t.q.  model s500 is suitable for deep cheek injection.  Deep furrows under eyes, chin, temples, face lifting, drooping furrows, face shape adjustment (filling will last about 1 year).  It depends on individual factors.

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